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Our retail story.

Using our skills and knowledge we have created two in house retail brands.

GDP Retail, began as the NZ exclusive distributor of world renowned Duracell Solar lighting. GDP Retail established themselves in major New Zealand chain store Mitre 10 and from here noticed their was a gap in the market for higher quality products. This is when Vectral Outdoor lighting was born, providing New Zealand with an affordable, high quality and innovative lighting option. Vectral Outdoor Lighting is now proudly one of New Zealand’s premium outdoor lighting brands.


We have a passion for preserving our environment for future generations. GDP has discovered the growing importance of sustainability and the fact that small changes among many, can make a big difference. We are developing Reform to educating people about the importance of sustainability and to provide tools to help the kiwi home become more sustainable, without compromising cost and efficiency.  

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Global Design & Production - retail brand

Reform is an affordable, eco friendly retail brand. Products are sold on-line and in New World, Pak n Save, Four Square and other retail outlets around the country. The aim of Reform is to provide tools for kiwi homes to become more sustainable. Our long term goal is to use a portion of our profits to create community composting facilities, work with schools to educate children on growing food and living more sustainability.

Global Design & Production - lighting brand

Vectral is our lighting brand. It is the leading supplier of outdoor lights throughout New Zealand, supplying one of the largest chain stores in the country. Vectral lights are designed to withstand New Zealand conditions all year round, and have a versatile range, from summer entertainment to winter security. Vectral products are carefully selected to ensure high lumens, useful functions and practical design at an affordable price.


GDPR medical is our personal protective equipment and consumables brand, a leading supplier to large primary industry corporates, franchises and individuals. We can supply small to large volume orders to suit your personal or business requirements.

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Lumenhaus is our wired lighting brand supplying the electrical trade industry in New Zealand. We provide a range of premium, reliable 240 Volt lighting solutions for residential and commercial applications to electrical suppliers.

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The Care Co. is our supplement brand supplying individuals and retailers in New Zealand with household supplements to improve the health and immunity of customers. The first product launched is The Care Co. Immune Support, a revolutionary formula combining Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, Zinc & Quercetin, know as four of the most powerful ingredients for supporting immune function.

GDP has


the growing importance of sustainability.

Small changes among many, can make a big difference.

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